Wine making Science & Art

 Dr. Peter Hombach

We dedicate this site to the memory of Dr. Peter Hombach – a talented and courageous scientist. Peter always wanted to publish a book about wine-making and started to write chapters when he was already sick. Unfortunately, he was not able to finish his work… All of his completed work is published on this site, along with other materials, products, and recipes related to wine-making.


Wine Making – Science & Art

Wine is known for probably 8,000 years1 as the product of (at least initially) the involuntary fermentation of the fruits of Vitis vinifera, the European grape. It is more difficult to reach a satisfactory quality in the involuntary fermentation of others fruits, and this is where the science comes in.

The Internet is full of cookbooks, and the abundant Internet information about how to make wine follows that trend. To the authors of this book, the mere passing of recipes is unsatisfactory – that approach does not contribute to the understanding of the science that is required for the development of the art. This book tries to fill that void. When the reader is ready to develop recipes out of fruits not covered in this book with the knowledge gained here, the book has served its purpose.

1 – Berkowitz, Mark; “World’s Earliest Wine”, Archaeology (Archaeological Institute of America) 49 (5) (1996).


Learn about the key components behind the art of winemaking. With this knowledge, you will be able to create art by converting fruits, berries, and vegetables into your own amazing wine recipes.


Discover simple recipes for various fruit and berry wines that will serve as your first step into the world of winemaking.


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